Josh Svoboda, DMSB/AMD'20, recently finished his co-op with The Boston Red Sox as a graphic designer for the team's creative services department. Combining his business administration and interactive media background, Svoboda worked on long and short-term projects including creating GIFs, print materials and billboards.

A number of Svoboda's creations appear on vending machines and posters throughout the park, while others focused on work for the Red Sox Foundation and team photoshoots.

“I love my major because in the future, and especially in the marketing field, I believe it will be important to be multifaceted,” said Svoboda in a recent interview with Northeastern's College of Arts, Media and Design. “I'm learning how to make smarter and better designs, but I'm also learning about general marketing and other business fields, which is something that makes me very adaptable in the workplace.”

Svoboda believes he will be able to use the skills from this co-op, and future experiences, long after graduation.

“After I graduate I can draw on all of the experience co-op has given me to show to employers that I've already had the chance to work in the marketing field and figure out what I want to do,” he said. “I'll have gained the skills and insight that you can only get after working at a company, which is why I think the co-op program is so important and helpful in helping Northeastern graduates land jobs.”

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