About Dean

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Future Position: Deal Advisory Associate
Previous University: Boston College
Undergraduate Degree: Biology
Q: As an undergraduate biology major, why did you decide to pursue the MS in Accounting/MBA program?

A: Getting my graduate degree in accounting or business was not the initial trajectory I had planned. As an undergraduate student studying biology, my original plan was to pursue my PhD or MD. However, after talking with some friends about their experiences in business, I naturally became more and more interested in that industry. More specifically, I was drawn to the versatility of accounting. I realized that with a strong background in accounting, I would be able to follow multiple career paths within the accounting world as well as the business world in general. So, I started to seriously consider earning a master's in accounting or an MBA to explore both industries. That's when I found Northeastern's MS in Accounting/MBA combined degree and started reading about its corporate residency program. After seeing how the program could help jumpstart my career, I realized that it was the right fit for me.

Q: What skills from your undergraduate degree have you been able to leverage during your time in the program?

A: My success throughout my undergraduate experience was rooted in becoming comfortable with routine. Much of it was sitting myself down, working through practice problems, and then repeating the process all over again. The same can be said for accounting. The content itself is all vastly different, but I've been able to utilize the same technique that I built as a biology student and apply it to solving accounting problems. Both fields are merely a matter of working through problem sets and learning from your mistakes.

Q: How has your analytics coursework prepared you for the changes happening in the accounting industry?

A: Data visualization is a key part of the future of the accounting field, and learning about proper automated forecasting is invaluable. The faculty in the MS in Accounting/MBA program has integrated expertise in this area into the coursework, and the foundational knowledge of coding languages and data analytics will be key for my accounting career.

Q: Tell us about your corporate residency at KPMG.

A: My corporate residency as an audit and assurance intern at KPMG allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Mid-way through my residency, I realized that I had more of an interest in the financial due diligence/merger and acquisitions area of professional services. After the program, I'll work in Advisory at KPMG. Going into the residency, I felt ahead of the curve and was well-prepared because of my coursework up to that point, and I definitely want to thank the MS in Accounting/MBA program for that.

Q: How has the MS in Accounting/MBA program helped you develop your network?

A: At its core, true networking comes from starting a meaningful conversation with someone that you've never met in hopes of them remembering you. I learned a lot about networking through workshops and mock interviews. The faculty also gave me advice on how to leave a lasting impression and because of that, I feel more confident when networking. Additionally, the support from the program alumni has been immense; they're more than willing to pick up the phone and discuss your career goals. These two networking elements of the program definitely have helped me navigate not only my corporate residency but also my future plans.

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