As media companies compete for new content avenues, Amazon leverages its bundled Prime services to attract users.

“Data analytics is becoming one of the most valuable assets in wealth management. Consumer data is growing exponentially every year, and fund managers are required to leverage this data in their decision-making processes.”

“Don’t hesitate to apply for the program if you don’t have experience dealing with data or business. The first semester provided a firm foundation and introduction..which made the entire learning process in the program seamless for beginners.”

The Northeastern Blockchain Organization, founded by business administration and computer science-oriented students, plans to explore and share knowledge about blockchain technology’s potential.

Chong Kim-Wong, MBA’10, will continue to forge connections with students and their families in her new role as vice chancellor and dean of students.

Distinguished Professor of Marketing Koen Pauwels is published in Marketing Intelligence Review (MIR)

“Having background in [data analytics] will able me to make essential business decisions later on in my career…and I think that side of accounting will become more and more important as time goes on.”

Undergraduate Degree: Economics and Minor in Finance

“I started this program without prior technical experience, and I have learned a great deal in my time here. I’m confident it has prepared me to use data analytics to make informed business decisions.”

“In just a year, you learn skills that’ll prepare you for the career you want when you graduate. This program has helped harness my potential and it has prepared me for a future in business.”

If COVID-19 continues to surge in India, businesses and economies globally could see ripple effects soon.