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Yakov Bart, whose research focuses on online and mobile advertising effectiveness, explains the likely marketing strategy behind Peloton's “Grace in Boston” ad.

Steve Leber, DMSB '64, chose Northeastern for its co-op program, a decision that launched his career working with some of the biggest acts in the world.

Northeastern student Emilio Guido has chronicled the life story of Theofanis Orfanos, who was captured at 15 by the Nazis and survived 18 months of captivity, for his new documentary film, Laugh Now: A Perspective on Life, Liberty & the Holocaust.

Yakov Bart examines how a movie that was so widely panned by critics could be such a phenomenal success.

A data breach showed Northeastern assistant professor Venkat Kuppuswamy how conventional thinking on diversity in Hollywood films is flawed.

Professor Venkat Kuppuswamy reflects on the impact of cast diversity after Asian-led “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Searching” simultaneously top box office charts.