D'Amore-McKim's growing community of prominent experts and pioneering scholars is setting the standard for global business education. Meet our proven leader, Samina Karim.

“[The MS in Accounting program] is an easy way to get all the credits needed for the CPA exam with a built-in support system for advice and guidance,” says Weiss.

At a recent orientation, new students John Kowalczik and Elayne Gordonov discussed why they chose the part-time MBA program and how they plan to grow their careers.

With the average price for a gallon of gas reaching a seven-year low, Professor of Finance Jef­frey Born explains why low prices might be good for your wallet but bad for the economy.

“The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration helped me decide which industry to pursue, what skills to develop and how to achieve key outcomes to propel my career and life” says, Bronzov

“I wanted to study at a top tier university with a strong academic reputation and an involved team in the Career Center. The D'Amore-McKim School of Business ticked all of the boxes.” says, Robert

Personal finance expert and D'Amore-McKim School of Business Assistant Academic Specialist of Accounting Tim Gagnon shares helpful tips for saving more money in 2016.

“The MSI program is unique due to the intersection of innovation and business.” says, Mukherjee

“I wanted the best tools at my disposal to provide me the greatest chance of success, and from my experience thus far, that is exactly what the D'Amore-McKim MSA program has given me,” says Chmielinski.

“At D'Amore-McKim, there is a drive for every student to find a career path that is right for them and for all students within the MSA program to pass the CPA exam during the program or soon after,” says Brennan.