Q:Where are you from and what are you studying at D'Amore-McKim?

I'm from Brookfield, Connecticut. I'm a third year student graduating in 2019 and studying Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. I'm unsure if I will be pursuing a minor, but I have some time to figure it out!

Q:Tell us about your current role on co-op in New York City?

I'm currently on co-op at a tech startup. I'm doing some marketing as well as operations and account management. My first co-op was extremely different. I worked in social media and digital marketing at a Boston-based insurance company.  I wanted to see the different fields of marketing and explore all the different options that were available. The startup work culture was another appealing factor for my second co-op. My first co-op had a corporate feel, and I realized that environment was not for me. While I may work some crazy hours to finish projects, startup life has been far more rewarding than I initially expected.

Q:What made you choose marketing as a concentration?

When I was applying to colleges in my senior year of high school, I made the conscious decision to make sure I would not be bored with my job. I like that studying business gives me a wide variety of potential employment options, but I never had any interest in looking at numbers all day. I wanted to work in a position where I could have creative freedom instead of being locked in a box. Marketing allows me to both study business as well as be creative and expressive.

Q:How has co-op influenced your interests?

My first co-op has expanded my interest in social media and building an online presence. It made me realize how powerful a social media post or a blog can be. I've since built my own blog and re-vamped my Instagram. By doing so, it gives me a platform to showcase my passions, as well as build a personal brand that will hopefully improve my professional career. 

My second co-op at a tech startup in New York City has shown me how hard work pays off. Building your own company isn't easy. I see how hard everyone in this office works day in and day out. And everyone here is working here because they believe in an idea and are doing everything in their power to make their idea reality. It's inspiring to be in this environment and motivates me to work hard to achieve my personal goals.

Q:From your blog, it looks like you're an avid traveler! Tell us about your travels and how Northeastern has played a part in your global experiences?

I started my Northeastern education in Dublin, Ireland, with the N.U.in program in fall 2014. Those may have been my favorite four months at Northeastern so far! The program opened my eyes to how big the world is and how many cultures and experiences this world has to offer. I took my first trip without my parents or any chaperones that November with two of my good friends, and since then, I've been hooked. Travel has become one of the most important things in my life. I've also studied abroad at Singapore Management University. Living in Singapore for a semester was a completely different experience than Dublin. I met so many people that I wouldn't have otherwise and saw and did things that you cannot do in Boston. Northeastern has truly given me a global perspective, and that is not something that you can learn in a classroom. I still have two years left, so who knows what other global opportunities will come my way!

Q:Why did you choose to study business at Northeastern? 

I chose to study business, because I thought it would give me the most freedom in career choice post-graduation. I haven't changed majors so I suppose I made the right choice! Studying business has shown me that the world runs on business. Everything is a business, and having a background in it will definitely be useful in whatever I decide to pursue when I graduate. I'm a third year, and while I haven't figured out what I want to do when I'm done with my time at Northeastern, I think I'd like to work for myself at some point in my life.

Q:Any additional insight?

Everyone's Northeastern experience looks different. Whether they've studied abroad, stayed in Boston, co-oped in an exotic location, or joined an organization, it's all valid and a personal choice. College admissions will always say that college is what you make of it, and it's completely true. I've decided to take advantage of the global opportunities here, but there are so many different options available to help enrich your learning experience. I think that whatever your interest, it's important to get involved and do something to pursue your interest. Along the way, you might learn a thing or two.  

If you're thinking about coming to Northeastern – do it.  There are so many opportunities that are exclusive to this university that I would never have gotten if I went to a traditional four-year school. That being said, if you are scared about sacrificing the traditional college experience, that's not the reality of this school. You get all the aspects of the college experience, plus more.

Q: What do you plan to share during your takeover?

I'm planning to share a bit of an overview of my time at Northeastern. It started in Dublin, transitioned into Boston, then to a semester in Singapore, and finally a co-op in NYC. I'd like to share what my experience has looked like. Everyone's time here is unique, and this is mine. I hope you enjoy my Instagram takeover!

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