Paige Cooper, DMSB'21, has been a sports fan her whole life. Having her first co-op at the shoe giant Reebok was a dream come true.

“My co-op at Reebok provided me invaluable insight into how a brand functions. Being familiar with the brand and team allowed me to provide value in assisting Bryan [Justin's marketing agent] with securing the partnership. Learning from Bryan has been tremendous to my growth and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to play a small role in this massive deal. … It's funny that I got into the industry through Reebok and now I'm experiencing this full-circle moment in my career, only a few years into it.”

Cooper leveraged those relationships when landing her full-time position at a management firm, Athletes First. “One thing I pride myself on is the relationships I made during my co-ops and internships and fostering those relationships throughout the years. Just because you might have had a conversation with someone in 2018, the connection doesn't mean anything if you're not proactively keeping in touch with that person,” Cooper says.

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