Mosaic brings together several student-led entrepreneurial organizations and provides resources, networking, and technical assistance to lower the barrier to entry for entrepreneurship.

The alliance's work is one of a kind, according to program manager Tyler Farley, DMSB'19. “Mosaic is kind of the hub of all student-led entrepreneurship organizations here at Northeastern,” explains Farley. “Every group that's in Mosaic either directly supports (entrepreneurial) ventures through acceleration or consulting work.”

When Andrew Shenouda, Khoury'25, DMSB'25, started a tutoring business in high school, he soon realized administrative tasks took more time than actual tutoring. In his first few years at Northeastern, Shenouda has set out to solve this problem and created an administrative platform for tutors running their own small businesses.

Shenouda gives credit to Mosaic for helping his venture get off the ground. “At each stage in the chain of my journey to building a business, whether it's ideation or product development or actually getting to the point where I'm trying to sell to customers … there was some sort of Northeastern organization to help and a lot of those organizations were under the Mosaic umbrella,” he says. “I didn't even realize Northeastern had the resources it did and I was pleasantly surprised at a bunch of different levels.” He has raised $30,000 in grants and is six months away from bringing his product to users.

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