Julian Jung, the founder and CEO of Tablelist, and Christopher Wolfel, co-founder and chief revenue officer at Mavrck, were added to BetaBoston's 2015 list of “most innovative people under 25.” Both Jung and Wolfel graduated from D'Amore-McKim School of Business in 2013.

Tablelist is a digital platform for instantly booking tables and bottle service at exclusive nightclubs and lounges. Launched two years ago, business is brisk with millions of dollars in table services already booked in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Foxwoods, and the Hamptons. As BetaBoston notes: “While an undergrad at Northeastern University, Jung executed over $500,000 in rental transactions and sold over $30 million in investment property. Jung stands out for his natural ability to take large, calculated risks.”

Mavrck is a powerful marketing platform for driving sales on social networks. Once social media influencers are pinpointed, the system helps marketers create and target branded content that outperforms social ads. Wolfel, who spearheads the company's sales, marketing, and revenue, “is known as one of the few 25-year-old CROs and co-founders in this city.”

Laura Marelic, AMD'15, Benjamin Anderson, AMD'12, and Elizabeth Barno, AS'13, also made the list.

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