Matheus Dos Santos, DMSB'19, is currently an intern at Banco Bradesco, a bank branch located in Brazil. Dos Santos created his own position at the company.

“When I was talking to them about a summer job, they didn't have any process in place,” Dos Santos said by phone from Osasco, Brazil. “They weren't sure at first how to hire me formally, and since I've started, all sorts of people have come up to me to say that I'm the first one the bank has hired for this kind of position.”

Dos Santos is currently helping the bank develop an online trading platform to reach millennials, researching the best way for Bradesco to “go digital.”

“Matheus is currently doing valuable work in researching a comprehensive analysis of how to best launch our trading platform in a way that will support the digital bank's product offering,” said Edilson Fontenele, head of customer experience at Bradesco and Dos Santos' supervisor.

Dos Santos identified the multinational bank as an internship opportunity while determining what to do while back home in Brazil this summer. The process started with a foot in the door, persistent follow ups, and a keen interest to learn more about the industry.

“I passed the email to other managers in my department,” Fontenele said. “And after looking at his resume and previous experiences we saw that he would be a great fit in providing us with valuable insights from his perspective: a millennial who knows the Brazilian environment and also had exposure to international markets.”

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