Ben Ghosh

About ButcherBox

Industry: Meat delivery subscription 
Location: Watertown, Massachusetts  
Company size: 200+ employees

Meet Ben Ghosh, Head of Revenue

Q: As both a hiring manager and a former Northeastern corporate resident yourself, why do you believe in the Full-Time MBA program?  

A: I've seen the value of the residency from both sides. I'm the head of revenue for ButcherBox, a young company that delivers high-quality meats to consumers across the country. I came to this role as a direct result of my corporate residency here four years ago. I had started my career in politics, but I found that I was incredibly inspired by working in a fast-paced startup environment—I consider my residency one of the defining moments of my life. I was hired permanently after graduating the program, so I'm kind of a poster child for how this program can lead to career success.

Now, as a manager, I bring Northeastern residents on board to work for me. We've had two more residents since I joined the company, and we hired them both because of the positive impact they made on the organization.

Q: What's the daily reality like for a resident at ButcherBox?

A: We expect that they'll do the same work and we treat them the same as any other person we hire. We set our residents up for success by giving them a complete introduction to the company before they start so they're familiar with everything from day one. As soon as they join us full time, they work with a direct manager to identify goals and responsibilities, and then they begin working closely with their assigned team.

Q: What kinds of responsibilities do you give them?

A: Our residents do high-impact work. Our current resident is our marketing revenue manager and reports directly to me. He's tackling some of the top problems on my plate, including sales reporting, forecasting, and planning. Northeastern MBA students are well prepared—they arrive with actionable skills that make them ready to do the job, so we're comfortable giving them important roles.

Q: How does the residency fit into your workforce staffing model?

A: We're really looking for a potential future full-time hire to come out of each residency job that we offer. The residency provides us a source of talent to hire, and it gives both the MBA student and the hiring manager the ability to get familiar with each other first to see if the relationship will be a good long-term fit. There's simply less risk for us to hire a resident that we already know and have worked with. This workforce development model has been a big success for us at ButcherBox.

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