The 2019 D'Amore-McKim School of Business Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony was held on May 1, 2019, honoring students for their accomplishments in academic studies, co-op positions, and global experiences.

Aoife Manley was the D'Amore-McKim Undergraduate Class of 2019 Graduation Celebration student speaker (pictured below).

“The pen is blurring on the pages of history books as they try to track the pace of progress in the world today. Yet we see the wave of change and ask – how can we harness this power? How can we ride it to an unchartered destination? We do not observe static image, but trace the arc of change as in flies through the air, anticipating where it will land and what opportunities it may bring,” said Manley. “Today, as we graduate, it may feel like as if we are standing at the edge of the earth, on the precipice of infinite mystery – but we have already taken the first step, and we walk together as a loyal pack of huskies. I look forward to seeing all of you at the 10 year reunion, but before then – catch you on the Forbes 100.”

The 2019 General Electric Best Teacher Award was presented to Mark Bernfeld by Trent Thakur, DMSB'13. Thakur is currently an AI Program Manager in GE Healthcare managing their co-development partnership with Mass General Hospital and Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston.

Bernfeld teaches entrepreneurial finance and a new course in Fintech. This spring he helped launch Disrupt, The FinTech Initiative. He is also a faculty advisor to NU Impact and a mentor in Northeastern's McCarthy(s) Venture Mentoring Network. Bernfeld has been teaching here since 2016, and this is his first nomination.

Each year, Northeastern students receive a wide range of awards and scholarships that reflect excellence in academics, research, and experiential learning. 

The Excellence in Co-op Winners are recognized each year for embracing the D'Amore-McKim values of global experience, leadership, and community engagement. The winners were honored at a breakfast before the undergraduate graduation celebration.

Lindis Barry, DMSB'19, was awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship and Megan Mantaro, DMSB'19, was awarded the Critical Language Scholarship.

Eleanor Patten, DMSB/CSSH'19, was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. Patten will use her scholarship to teach English in Spain, bolster her Spanish-speaking skills, and eventually teach English to “vulnerable populations in the United States,” according to her application.

Thirteen D'Amore-McKim students were inducted into The Northeastern University Huntington 100, an annual program that serves to recognize students who have recorded achievements in research, co-op, athletics, entrepreneurship, community service, and leadership.

Katherine Hayes and Daniel Lim, both DMSB'19, were recognized for their dedication to leadership, volunteerism, academic integrity, and commitment to Northeastern, with Compass Awards. Nine students are chosen for this prestigious award each year.

The Management and Organizational Development Group gave The Hobart Award to Nataliya Potapenko, DMSB'19. This award recognizes a senior who has demonstrated outstanding overall achievement in the management concentration, as well as professional promise in the field of management and organizational development.

The Edward Willett Award was given to Kaustabh Bansal, Adam Dewey, Maria Georgieva, Megan Mantaro, and Rohan Soorabathula, all DMSB'19. Based on faculty recommendations and academic achievements, this award is given to graduating finance majors.

The Mark L. and Karen D. Vachon Scholarship was given to Emily Cho, DMSB'21, Christopher Cioffi, DMSB'21, John Galimi, DMSB'19, and Myles O'Leary, DMSB'19.

The Heidi Vernon Award was given to Megan Mantaro, DMSB'19 and Nicholas Salazar, DMSB'19. This award recognizes commitment to academics and performance as an ambassador for D'Amore-McKim while studying overseas.

The Max and Sherman Starr Award was given to Lizbeth Hunt, DMSB'19 and Karl Mortiz-Zoil, DMSB'19.

The Joseph A. Curran Award was given to Heather Brown, DMSB'19, and Katherine Jaffe, DMSB'20.

Samantha Laureano, DMSB'20, Joan Schuman, DMSB'19, Patricia Gomez Akerlund, DMSB'20, Shayne Furtado, DMSB'19, Tiffany Liew, DMSB'19, and Martin Cunningham, DMSB'19, were awarded UPS Foundation Scholarships for outstanding performance in classroom and co-op assignments.

In addition to the awards above, over 100 D'Amore-McKim students were inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, an honor society recognizing business excellence.

“Beyond the Northeastern community, there is another aspect that I want you to focus on – the physical community where you live. Be involved in your community.  Stay engaged.  Find time for real friendships and face-to-face time (not just Facetime),” said Dunton Family Dean Raj Echambadi. “Societal health demands collective action, and preserving the environment requires all hands on deck. Work hard toward building and sustaining local communities. The world needs you, business graduates, to be impactful leaders in all walks of life. “

Congratulations class of 2019!