Patrick Robinson, DMSB'19, created a sales tool for Bimbo Bakeries while on co-op in their sales department. The tool, informally named “The Patrick Process” after Robinson, was then shared in markets nationwide to recapture millions of dollars in potential lost sales.

“I remember I got back home after work one night and got a call from my boss saying he was in Houston and the company was sharing and implementing ‘The Patrick Process' there,” said Robinson.

Robinson held a co-op at Bimbo Bakeries this past January through May, working in Chicago and focusing on the company's Midwest region. During this time, he led a team in examining volumes of sales data, as well as visiting hundreds of stores to observe processes such as delivery and stocking. Through this, he developed a “sales opportunity report” later training sales leaders on its reasoning and use.

His report enables sales associates and independent business partners to identify stores that may suffer from low stock issues, and remedy the situation by adjusting product orders, and ensuring delivery and stock services are adequate.

“When I visited Northeastern, I noticed that the seniors who were hosting the tours were acting like adults,” Robinson said. “While describing their experiences here, they sounded like they went through school, got experience they needed, and were ready for the real world. I felt like Northeastern would provide the opportunity, the experience, and the tools necessary to be truly ready for the real world.”

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