The Center for Emerging Markets provided a partial sponsorship for two Northeastern University students, Brecker Ferguson and Radhika Barot, to attend the prestigious World Trade Organization (WTO) Public Forum held in Geneva, Switzerland, from September 12th to 15th, 2023.

The WTO Public Forum is a significant annual event that brings together over 2,000 experts, policymakers, and students to discuss various aspects of international trade. This year's theme, “It Is Time for Action,” was particularly relevant, as it highlighted the increasingly influential role that trade can play in contributing to a more sustainable future.

Ferguson, a third-year student majoring in Business Administration and Environment & Sustainability Sciences, and Barot, a fourth-year student majoring in Economics and Mathematics, reflected on their experiences at the Forum and shared their insights on the role of emerging markets in global trade.

The Center for Emerging Markets aims to foster research and dialogue focused on emerging markets' impact on global business and economic development. Ferguson and Barot's reflections on the WTO Public Forum offer valuable insights into the complex and evolving world of global trade, making their experiences and contributions an excellent addition to the Northeastern University community's understanding of emerging markets and their role in the international economy.

Their individual reflections can be accessed below: