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As drug advertisements expand to ever-wider audiences, Northeastern experts debate whether such advertisements should be allowed.


Assistant Professor John Lowrey comprehensive view of the decision-making process guiding grocery stores' waste reduction strategies.

The Globe and Mail

“This was the first time it's ever been done,” says Roy Anderson, who recently won the 2023 D'Amore-McKim Teaching Innovation & Excellence Award for his Supply Chain Virtual Innovation Lab.

Northeastern expert dives into the fascinating dynamics of Swift's influence on various industries and the profound impact on consumer behavior.


A new award-winning class from D'Amore-McKim Professor Loredana Padurean is turning heads and changing minds.

You've probably noticed a welcome change of pace at the gas station: Gas prices have been steadily dropping.  The national average currently sits at $3.088 per gallon, according to AAA. At this time last year, the national average price was $3.327 per gallon, which was still lower than $5.016 per gallon, the recorded average price back…

The crises in the Panama and Suez canals are currently wreaking havoc on shipping routes, posing a threat to the smooth flow of the supply chain. I

Fast Company

Dean De Cremer shares why the ethical use of AI is crucial to shaping the future of careers. Uncovering principles that matter in the realm of artificial intelligence.

The European Business Review

As inaugural professors of innovation on Northeastern's Oakland campus, Naeem Zafar and Aleks Gollu are bringing their experience starting and leading companies to the classroom.


Dunton Family Dean David De Cremer, renowned for his work at the intersection of business and technology, will help the committee ready business schools for digital transformation.