“It was important to me that I learn from professors who could integrate real-world applications into our lessons. I wanted a program where my class schedule was flexible enough to accommodate my interests, full-time job, and personal life. D'Amore-McKim checked all three boxes.” says Zoe Calianos, MS in Finance/ MBA'24

“I originally wanted to get my MBA, but when I learned about the combined degree option, for me it was a no-brainer. If you have the opportunity to do both, why not do both?” says Daria Bolotnikova, MS in Finance/ MBA'21

“I'm really looking to continue my career in finance and develop as a manager and leader. The Master's in Finance portion broadens my knowledge of finance and strengthens my day-to-day work at Acadian.” says Brian Whyte, MS in Finance/ MBA'22

“The experience that this program provided me was absolutely essential in moving my career forward,” says Manny Epperly, MS in Finance/MBA'15.