Poets&Quants recently released its 2018 “Best & Brightest” business majors list. 101 business students, including Madeline DeVlieger, DMSB'18, were selected from 50 programs. Seniors were picked based on their impact, the mark they have left on their school and the influence they plan to have after graduation.

During her time at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business, DeVlieger has been involved with the Women in Business Club, Net Impact Club, and the Pi Sigma Epsilon Marketing Fraternity. She also studied abroad in Seville, Spain, and went on three alternative spring break trips.

DeVlieger held three co-op positions, one at MasterCard as a credit new product development co-op, one at VMware as a portfolio and marketing co-op, and one at NBC Universal, as a Universal Kids production management co-op.

She has accepted a Marketing Analyst position at VMware in Palo Alto, CA, post-graduation.

Read an excerpt from DeVlieger's interview below:

Q:Who is your favorite professor? 

Professor Daniele Mathras has been my favorite professor because she is incredibly passionate about the field and truly cares about her students. She made our Marketing Research class approachable and enjoyable and helped us apply the concepts to the real world. Our semester-long group projects were in service to actual non-profit organizations, which added additional meaning and relevance to the work we were doing.

Q:What did you enjoy most about your business school? 

I really enjoyed taking advantage of Northeastern's co-op program. By working full-time at 3 different companies in three different industries, each for 6 months at a time, I was able to apply what I had learned in a variety of applications. In between co-ops, when I was back in classes, I could share my work experiences and listen to my classmates', all of which facilitated more informed and engaging classroom conversations.

Q:What made you choose marketing as a concentration?

From a young age, I was always curious about why and how things worked. My mom and dad fed this curiosity by teaching me about their respective careers in law and marketing/entrepreneurship and how each of them operated within the world of business. When it came to choosing a major, business seemed like a logical path to not only continue to learn how the world worked, but also to hopefully one day be able to influence it.

Q:What made Madeline such an invaluable addition to the Class of 2018?

“Anyone who has met Madeline DeVlieger knows that she is thoughtful, hard-working, determined and kind. She has a passion for learning and trying new things, and I have always been impressed at how she consistently sought out opportunities to grow personally and professionally throughout her Northeastern journey. Her love of adventure and desire to build relationships and understand people and business allowed her to have great success in and outside of the classroom. Her commitment to academic excellence is impressive as she enters her last semester with a 3.94 GPA. She left Boston and completed three outstanding co-ops in New York and California, where she quickly adapted to new environments and constantly challenged herself. She is wise beyond her years, showing empathy and a commitment to service and building communities where people can share their stories. Maddie's curiosity and drive cannot be matched, and I look forward to following her adventures after Northeastern. I know wherever she goes she will continue to make a huge impact.” – Brooke Johnson Associate Cooperative Education Faculty

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