As part of the Management and Organizational Development Group Seminar Series, Denise Rousseau from Carnegie Mellon University will deliver “Teaching with Evidence-Based Management In Mind.”

Despite the fads common to contemporary management practice and claims that we live in a “post-truth” age, students are often keen to know what works and what doesn't in management practice and how to persuade the people they work with based on evidence. This presentation will engage the faculty in considering how the four sources of evidence in evidence-based practice can be presented in ways that build student skills in the class's subject matter. The four sources of evidence in all evidence-based practice, from medicine to management, are: scientific findings, organizational (local) data, stakeholder concerns, and human judgment.  In this session we will talk about how to help students learn about the four evidence sources pertinent to particular management subject and how to appraise each source for quality.  A key idea is the use of multiple sources of evidence evaluated for quality (reliability and relevance) improves the outcomes of decisions and organizational practice—and helps students keep learning throughout their careers. We will also talk about how to help students learn to better persuade their bosses and colleagues based on evidence.