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Mary McNamara

Mary McNamara is the Director of MBA Admissions, she leads prospective full-time and part-time MBA students throughout their admissions journey. Mary also manages admissions and recruiting for the Graduate Certificate and MS in Management programs. Mary oversees recruiting, application processing, evaluation, and scholarship awards as part of her role. She also represents D'Amore-McKim at graduate business program fairs and events.   

Mary has a passion for entrepreneurship and is a co-chair of the McCarthy(s) Venture Mentoring Network at Northeastern and a professional advisor at the MIT Trust Center for Entrepreneurship. She draws on her experience coaching and advising founders as an angel investor as she supports prospective graduate business students pursuing their academic and professional goals.  

Mary entered a career in higher education in 2019, serving on the MBA admissions committee at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. She continues to serve as the managing director at Angel Healthcare Investors and was a founding member of the Angel Capital Association.  

Previously, she was the COO of an early-stage digital health company and a marketing VP with Fidelity Investments. Early in her career, Mary held marketing and technology roles in software development at John Hancock, NYNEX, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Bankers Trust Company.