Spencer Fung (MBA '96), Chief Operating officer of the Hong Kong-based supply chain company, Li and Fung was the latest guest in the Distinguished Speaker Series of the Center for Emerging Markets. Speaking to a small group of faculty, students and alumni at a special luncheon event on May 23, 2013, he shared his thoughts on the challenges of running an emerging market multinational. He started by discussing the need to improve worker safety in developing countries, as highlighted by the recent tragedy in a Bangladeshi factory. He noted that Li and Fung had been working on the safety issue for a long time. He discussed the challenges Li and Fung faces in remaining nimble and quick to act despite being a multinational with 30,000 employees working in 100 countries. He then discussed the pros and cons of the three-year planning process the company uses to stay abreast of rapid changes in its industry. He concluded with remarks on how being a Hong Kong-based company affects the company's outlook and its ability to take a long-term view of business and business relationships.