Join distinguished speakers in marketing and analytics and two workshops that show how you can use generative AI to make your own voice clone and avatar. The Future of Analytics is Here!


12:00PM-12:05PMOpening remarks
Koen Pauwels, Distinguished Professor of Marketing (Best Marketing Academic on the Planet)
12:05PM-1:00PMBridging the trust gap: How advertising will shape the future
Arielle Garcia, Founder of ASG Solutions
1:05PM-1:50PMWorkshop: Make your AI voice in 30 minutes
1:55PM-2:40PMGaining competitive edge with data-driven solutions in B2B
Clemence Sop, Head of Marketing Innovation at Intersystems
2:45PM-3:30PMWorkshop: Make your AI avatar in 30 minutes
3:35PM-4:00PMFOURBOTPOT: An LLM research tool