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David De Cremer

Our firm commitment to embracing curiosity makes us a strong, research-driven school that seeks to create impact not only in academic circles but even more so around the world. A unique aspect of D'Amore-McKim is that we cross borders by thinking across disciplines and encouraging collaborations across scientific fields, all intending to address and tackle current and future global challenges.

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Meet the 29 full-time faculty members joining D'Amore-McKim this fall; a group with boundary-spanning expertise that will deepen the school's interdisciplinary reach.

As the daughter of a Northeaster alum and a Boston area native, Zoya Islam is no stranger to being a Husky. She is excited to be starting her business degree in London. “Devon House is so welcoming. The study areas make me want to do my homework,” she says.

D'Amore-McKim experts say that streamflation is here to stay. Viewers should expect more ad-supported tiers as streamers adopt the traditional TV model they sought to upset.

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