Mutual funds form the cornerstone of investment strategies for investors of all sizes—making expert management essential to their long-term financial health. Successful leaders in mutual fund management are strong communicators and relationship-builders who have the skills to assess value and risk in a fast-moving marketplace. 

The Mutual Fund Management concentration from D'Amore-McKim allows you to master the intricacies of managing mutual fund assets and grow your clients' wealth. Your coursework will immerse you in the study of domestic and international financial markets and give you the quantitative skills you need to value assets, measure risk, and construct and manage portfolios that meet stated goals.

You'll also have the opportunity to gain real-world financial experience as part of the 360 Huntington Fund, a fund in Northeastern's endowment. You'll choose between joining the fund as an analyst—where you'll research, analyze, and present your own investment choices to a panel of your peers—or apply for a manager role, where you'll learn typical mutual fund management and operations tasks such as preparing accounting statements, creating asset allocation plans, and monitoring compliance.

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