With this combined major, you'll have the opportunity to learn how international business practices influence and are influenced by state-society interactions such as labor rights, trade practices, climate and sustainability priorities, political implications, as well international institutions.

A combined major combines two majors in a way that allows you to fulfill all requirements within the standard 128 credits. For details, see the program requirements.

You can complete this degree on either the four– or five-year co-op plan (sample four-year plan available in the catalog). You'll customize your unique Northeastern educational experience by choosing at least one of our several business concentrations and/or business minors.

Choose a Business Concentration

Calculator and accounting ledger

Undergraduate Concentration in Accounting

Accounting is a dynamic profession that requires people to possess sound technical knowledge, critical thinking skills, superior interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.
Marketing game board

Undergraduate Concentration in Marketing

Product design, research, pricing, packaging, transportation, advertising, selling, and servicing: marketing impacts every one of these essential aspects of business.