In a world where fusion of biology, technology, and data is creating tremendous change—there is an opportunity for emerging business leaders.

Prepare to lead on the business side of the life sciences, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical industries with integrated knowledge in biology, computer science, and information technology.

Our MBA x Bioinformatics concentration completely reimagines a traditional MBA concentration through a partnership with Northeastern's College of Science. Under the expert guidance of their award-winning professors of practice, you'll learn to apply the analytical principles of big data to biological challenges. The skills you'll learn in this concentration will give you the specific tools knowledge to lead teams performing complex scientific analyses.

Employers value business leaders with a deep subject matter expertise who can thrive in an environment of digital convergence. Your MBA x Bioinformatics concentration courses will provide you with an extraordinary technical background that can make you a sought-after business leader in any industry where biology, data, and technology intersect.

A life sciences background is not required. We welcome applicants from all undergraduate degree backgrounds who want a career that will be enhanced by knowledge of biological science.

Programs offering this concentration

Additionally offered for LLM/MBA.