About Me

Hometown: Landstuhl, Germany
Previous University: Northeastern University
Undergraduate Degree: Finance and Accounting Management, minor – Information Technology
Q: Why did you decide to get an MS in Business Analytics?

A: While I was working in Revenue, Accounting and Controls at MathWorks, I handled a lot of data that needed to be interpreted to make crucial business decisions. I was oftentimes unsure of how to apply it or transform it into useful information. This experience made me realize that in order to excel in the finance industry, I needed to equip myself with data tools and techniques used to solve current business problems.

As a Northeastern undergrad, I had first-hand experience of the academic excellence that the university is known for. From the people to the professors, I had a great experience while I was here, so I knew it was the right choice to help me accomplish my graduate education goals as well. The Double Husky Scholarship also provided financial help and made the decision that much easier.

Q: Why is understanding analytics important today?

A: Data is so prominent today because the world is increasingly embracing technology. To stay relevant in business, it’s important to learn applicable skills that’ll promote your understanding of data, so you can manipulate it to be useful. Knowledge of business analytics provides me with the opportunity to seamlessly transition into various business roles.

I would love to work in operations because I’m interested in solving performance- and process-related issues in a company. I’m grateful to be learning about data and analytics from this program, so I’m prepared for the future as a business analyst.

Q: How has your MS in Business Analytics program prepared you for the future?

A: From this program, I’ve learned coding tools and technology which have improved my knowledge of data visualization and data transformation. These are invaluable skills needed to succeed as a business analyst in an operations role. I will be able to utilize the knowledge I gained in this program to improve business processes and drive crucial business decisions.

Q: What would you say to prospective students considering the MS in Business Analytics program?

A: I would recommend this program to anyone considering it. It’s a very flexible and structured program. Within a relatively short amount of time, students get to learn a lot about business analytics and how to navigate their various fields with relevant data skills and tools. The professors here are also engaging; they’re knowledgeable about business and data analytics and that prepares you to become a leader in your field.

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“In just a year, you learn skills that’ll prepare you for the career you want when you graduate. This program has helped harness my potential and it has prepared me for a future in business.”

“I started this program without prior technical experience, and I have learned a great deal in my time here. I’m confident it has prepared me to use data analytics to make informed business decisions.”

“Don’t hesitate to apply for the program if you don’t have experience dealing with data or business. The first semester provided a firm foundation and introduction..which made the entire learning process in the program seamless for beginners.”