About David

Hometown: Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Previous University: Northeastern University (Double Husky)
Undergraduate Degree: Economics and a minor in Business Administration
Q: Why did you want to earn an MS in Business Analytics at Northeastern?

A: My undergraduate at Northeastern was a great experience; I benefitted from the interactive classes and the experience-powered learning. During this time, I developed my interest in the technical aspects of business. After working for a year after graduating, I decided to continue my education at Northeastern because I knew the courses would deepen my understanding of business. And I was able to take advantage of the Double Husky Scholarship.

I enrolled in the MS in Business Analytics program to improve my technical skills and become a business leader who knows how to leverage data analytics to define strategy. I was excited to improve my knowledge of coding languages and technology, so I could learn to present technical information and data in a form that's easy to understand by top executives in any organization.

Q: How will data analytics expertise set you apart?

A: Data is useful for all companies across the business landscape. It is key when making critical business decisions. Companies nowadays need to hire individuals who can understand, decode, and communicate complex data to stakeholders so information can flow smoothly in an organization. I knew that to successfully launch my business career, I needed a deep understanding of data and how to use it.

Q: How is your coursework preparing you for the future of work?

A: The Master's in Business Analytics program has helped me better understand data, coding languages, and technology. I can now apply what I've learned conceptually to real-life business situations. The professors here have diverse backgrounds, and they share their knowledge and experiences with students. Everything I have learned in this program will be useful for the kind of roles I want next—specifically as an analyst or data scientist in the tech e-commerce space.

Q: Tell us about your project-based experience where you applied what you've learned?

A: The final project for this program was very fun and interesting. My team and I consulted with an engineering company in Boston to develop a forecasting model that uses catastrophe data to predict the impact of the catastrophes on their business. It was interesting, competitive, and a great learning experience. I'm glad I got the opportunity to work on something impactful like this because I was able to apply the knowledge I gained from this program in real time.

Q: What would you say to prospective students considering this program?

A: Take the initiative to pursue your passion and always keep your goal in mind. This Master's in Business Analytics program helps you learn coding languages that will be dominant in the future. In just a year, you learn skills that'll prepare you for the career you want when you graduate. This program has helped harness my potential and prepared me for a future in business.

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