About Saneel

Hometown: Mumbai, India 
Current Position: Corporate Development Analyst, Mergers and Acquisitions, APR Energy, Florida 
Previous University: H.R. College of Commerce and Economics 
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance
Q: Tell us about your background.  

A: I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in finance because my dad is a long-term investor, and I've seen him trading stocks since I was young. After undergrad, I began working as an equity research analyst at a financial advisory company providing investment recommendations. I participated in projects from start to finish, and this complete immersion and hands-on learning experience reinforced my desire to work in private equity. I wanted to continue broadening my horizons, so I pursued a master's in finance. 

Q: Why were you interested in pursuing a graduate degree at D'Amore-McKim? 

A: I wanted to pursue a graduate degree because I felt there was so much more to learn. I touched the surface of finance during my undergraduate degree, but I wanted to delve much further into the quantitative aspects of finance. In today's world, you need to know how to code and leverage technology, making a degree in quantitative finance extremely useful. I wanted a more well-rounded education to keep up with industry trends.  

Northeastern University stood out because its curriculum combines subjects like data analytics, corporate finance, financial modeling, and portfolio management. The MS in Quantitative Finance program is intriguing because of its experiential learning opportunities, and I knew that exposure to advanced finance subjects would prepare me for my future career in finance. 

Q: How has this degree helped you achieve your professional goals?

A: I hope to work in private equity for a venture capital startup. The future of the finance world is technology-driven, and to prepare to work in the venture capital space, I needed to understand data analytics better. This program helped me prepare for that. I took an elective about entrepreneurial finance in venture capital, where I worked on a startup idea and conducted its valuation. This experience provided me with the skill and knowledge that helped me secure my graduate co-op at Revolution Capital Group and go on to my full-time role after graduation.  

I'm currently a Corporate Development Analyst at APR Energy, executing strategic partnerships and acquisitions and participating in due diligence. Northeastern's fantastic curriculum and the support of the Graduate Career Center helped me land my job. As my career grows, I am sure that I will be able to leverage my experience across the PE industry.   

Q: What skills did you polish in the 360 Huntington Fund?

A: As an equity research analyst at the 360 Huntington Fund, I learned how to value public companies and utilize my financial modeling skills. Before joining the 360 Huntington Fund, I knew the basics of modeling, but now my skills are on a different level. It is an authentic work atmosphere and where I gained many technical skills. I worked closely with my partner for four months and learned so much about collaboration and time management. We divided the responsibilities, held each other accountable, and created research and a financial model that we were both proud of. What I learned at the 360 Huntington Fund was second to none, and these are important skills to have in the future roles I hope to pursue.  

Q: Tell us about your experience working as a graduate co-op at Revolution Capital Group. 

A: I worked as a private equity intern assisting with due diligence for my graduate co-op. Each day, I connected with investment bankers to source deals. I was included in projects from start to finish. This complete immersion and hands-on learning experience reinforced my desire to work in private equity. I analyzed new investment prospects, actively sourced and developed relationships with investment bankers, business brokers, M&A executives, and business owners to originate new investment opportunities, conducted research, and gathered relevant data on the industry and competitors. I was able to apply what I'd learned in the classroom and gained experience in the career I hope to pursue.

Q: What advice would you share with future students? 

A: Have fun and use the resources Northeastern gives you. Your Graduate Career Center advisors and professors are all helpful and approachable. Be a part of everything that Northeastern offers. Join clubs and don't just focus on getting a job. Enjoy your experience.  

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