Less than 60 hours after their 30-​​day Kick­starter cam­paign went live on Sunday, they sur­passed their ini­tial $20,000 funding goal. With more than three weeks remaining in the cam­paign, the couple aims to con­tinue to build on its ini­tial suc­cess.

According to the old adage, one man's trash is another man's trea­sure. For North­eastern alumnus Ben Knep­pers, it's actu­ally an entire South Amer­ican country's trash that he is hoping to turn into a sus­tain­able business.

DMSB Distinguished Professor Dr. Paula Caligiuri gives keynote address at MBA Women international Conference.

DMSB Students Help South African businesses grow in dialogue of civilizations program

The Symposium on Water Innovation in Massachusetts, co-sponsored by D'Amore-McKim and the Curry Student Center, brought together top industry, academic and government minds to better understand the state's multi-billion dollar water industry.

As more and more emerging markets defy proscriptive expectations, establishing successful multinational business in nontraditional ways, a growing group of researchers is starting to recognize the value of a new conversation.

Joseph Raelin, along with his six co-authors including Rachelle Reisberg, Director of the Women in Engineering Program at Northeastern, are recipients of the Ralph W. Tyler Award for Outstanding and Distinguished Research and Publication in the Field of Cooperative Education, Internships, and Work-Integrated Learning.

“When I only have one, then I'm short handed. When I have two, then I get my job done”