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International Business Today is a podcast produced by the International Business & Strategy group at Northeastern University. In Season One, join host Paula Caligiuri as she discusses cutting-edge business research with thought leaders in blockchain technologies, workforce analytics, corporate governance, and more. Made for global business professionals—and any student who hopes to work for a multinational organization in the future, Caligiuri and her guests share what's proven through research and highlight what's really working in practice.

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About the host

Paula Caligiuri is a Distinguished Professor of international business and strategy at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business. She is also the founder of Skiilify and has been named one of the most prolific authors in international business for her work in the areas of expatriate management, global leadership development, and cultural agility. She has authored or co-authored several articles and books – including Cultural Agility: Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals, Build Your Cultural Agility, and Get a Life, Not a Job.

Caligiuri is an instructor for a LinkedIn Learning course entitled Managing Globally. She holds a Ph.D. from Penn State University in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and is a Fellow in both the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Academy of International Business.

Season One Episodes

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Unleashing the power of blockchain for global enterprise strategy

Ravi Sarathy shares insights from his new book; focusing on blockchain technologies, digital currencies, and what these mean for international business.

About the guest: Sarathy directs the Bachelor of Science in International Business program at Northeastern's D'Amore-McKim School of Business. He is an expert in global strategy, blockchain development, and implementation strategy.

Ravi Sarathy
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The essentials of workforce analytics for global business success

Mark Huselid discusses a number of significant changes on the horizon for global workforce analytics.

About the guest: Huselid is the chair of the International Business & Strategy academic group at Northeastern. He is an expert in global workforce analytics and talent strategy.

Mark Huselid
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Global leadership insights

Lauren States shares her advice and insights as a successful global business leader in data technology and strategy.

About the guest: States has held numerous executive positions for IBM, including Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Strategy and Transformation for IBM's Software Group. She was recently named one of the Most Influential Black Corporate Directors by Savoy Magazine.

Lauren States
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How corporate governance can help achieve environmental, social, and governance goals

Ruth Aguilera talks ESGs and their growing impact on companies around the world.

About the guest: Aguilera is a Distinguished Professor and the Darla and Frederick Brodsky Trustee Professor in Global Business at Northeastern University. She is one of the world's leading experts in comparative corporate governance and corporate sustainability.

Ruth Aguilera
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The future of remote work: predictions and trends

Barbara Larsen takes stock of the key practices that help make globally distributed, remote working teams most effective.

About the guest: Larson is an Executive Professor in the Management and Organization Development group at Northeastern University. Her research focuses on the personal and interpersonal skills that people need to work effectively in virtual environments.

Barbara Larson
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The value of gender diversity for corporate boards and social performance

Valentina Marano discusses the role national culture and women directors play in shaping firms' environmental and social impact.

About the guest: Marano is an Associate Professor of International Business at Northeastern University. Her work focuses on the practice adoption, organizational legitimacy, and performance of multinational corporations from both emerging and advanced economies, and broader issues of comparative corporate governance and corporate sustainability.

Valentina Marano

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