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Since its founding in 2020, the Women in Finance Trek has connected female finance concentrators with alumni while immersing them in the financial services world of New York City.

Reddit aims to go public and allow some users to buy shares, with a targeting a valuation of about $6.5 billion. D'Amore-Mckim Associate Professor of Finance, John Bai, suggests that Reddit's decision to go public and potentially allow users to buy shares could stem from necessity rather than choice.


Companies that invest in robust remote work policies are better insulated from the business impact of natural disasters, according to research from John Bai and his collaborators published in the Harvard Business Review.

Harvard Business Review

Stanford researchers recently updated their databases of the top 2% of research citations for the sixth time. It includes career citations and citations in 2022.

Shams Ahmed, DMSB'13 won the 44th Sports Emmy Awards for his exceptional directing of an arrangement of “Ragged Old Flag” by Johnny Cash aired during the Super Bowl LVII.


“Given the bailout, I don't think there's anything else that people should be worried about,” says John Bai, an associate finance professor at Northeastern. “I think confidence should still be there.”

For many Americans, getting ahead financially can be tricky in present economic conditions. What does all this uncertainty mean for both new and savvy investors? Northeastern's finance experts weigh in.

Buy-now, pay-later apps are rising in popularity among Gen Zers. But do the downsides outweigh the convenience? Two Northeastern experts weigh in.

Rising consumer prices are determined by the invisible hands in an economy—demand and supply, says a Northeastern finance professor.