The University Honors Program at Northeastern seeks to engage a selected cohort of talented and diverse students through a rigorous, interdisciplinary, and student-driven approach to academics. This approach integrates opportunities of specialized experiences that promote innovative thinking, amplify learning opportunities, and provide the freedom for each student to define a truly unique path for themselves. Our program is designed so that our students immediately and consistently impact real societal issues that they are passionate about, as they explore, create, and pursue their aspirations.

Honors at Northeastern exemplifies the Northeastern Advantage—we provide our students with endless opportunities to integrate their intellectual life with a vast array of experiences that result in personalized learning that happens everywhere, and anywhere, and with anyone. It's how the best of Northeastern and the best of the University Honors Program come together to create experiences for our students that give them a true edge. At Northeastern, students will embark on a self-directed educational journey alongside a talented group of peers who also possess an insatiable appetite for learning, a boundless imagination, and the aspiration to meet those challenges confronting our world.

Designed for students who want a deeper, challenging learning experience and a more active role in shaping their future, the University Honors Program enhances their college experience by embracing the following values, on which our program is built:

  • Learning that Happens Everywhere
  • Experiential Learning
  • Integrated and Student-Directed Learning
  • Networked Communities
  • Global Citizenship
  • Personalized Growth Through Guidance and Support
  • Leadership

Honors students can be part of any one of the D'Amore-McKim business degree programs offered, including the BS in Business Administration and the BS in International Business