Learn how to manage the supply chain, drive innovation, establish market differentiation, and boost bottom lines in this high-demand field.

All companies that produce, sell, or distribute products have a supply chain management function that must be effectively managed to be competitive.

Gain the ability to assess both technological and business issues from an integrative perspective.

Prominent technologist and innovation pioneer Curtis Carlson and his Practice of Innovation, LLC partner, Leonard Polizzotto, are sharing their Innovation-for-Impact (i4i) Value Creation methodology with D’Amore-McKim’s corporate partners and clients. Through this initiative, you and your organization can access a complete integrated system of practices that will allow you to create and sustain innovations that have true value for your customers and your organization.

Northeastern University’s Honors Program provides students the opportunity to take honors courses, participate in activities with other active thinkers, and live in an Honors Program thematic community.

Get a broad overview of the business world, including an introduction to the key functional areas of business administration.

Develop business data capability that can be applied to all business and decisions contexts.

The minor in emerging markets introduces students to the challenges and opportunities that face companies in countries that are rapidly developing into more developed world economies.

Gain exposure to innovation, marketing, and business modeling skills while developing your new ideas.

Learn how to sustainably address challenging problems like extreme poverty, inadequate education, and human rights abuses.