A fast-changing business world is putting finance front and center, with financial knowledge seen as essential to effective management.

Working in healthcare requires knowledge and skills in several cutting-edge areas such as service delivery innovation, process and quality improvement, talent management, analytics, and supply chain management.

Possessing a knowledge of how people, firms, and institutions interact across borders provides International Business concentrators with a competitive edge.

Effective managers must know the business, be interpersonally competent, behave ethically, and diagnose human and organizational dynamics.

Develop the cutting-edge technical and problem-solving skills that are in high demand by employers.

Product design, research, pricing, packaging, transportation, advertising, selling, and servicing: marketing impacts every one of these essential aspects of business.

Learn the cutting-edge skills necessary to harness, process, and analyze data to address modern marketing challenges.

All companies that produce, sell, or distribute products have a supply chain management function that must be effectively managed to be competitive.

Northeastern University’s Honors Program provides students the opportunity to take honors courses, participate in activities with other active thinkers, and live in an Honors Program thematic community.

Northeastern students outside of D’Amore-McKim can get a broad overview of the business world, including an introduction to the key functional areas of business administration.