• PhD Finance and Business Economics, University of Washington
  • MBA Finance and International Business, New York University
  • BA Government, Wesleyan University

Selected Publications

  • Anderson, Anne and David H. Myers, 2007, “The Cost of Being Good,” Review of Business, Autumn
  • Kish, Richard and David Myers, 2007, “Stock Returns: An Analysis from the Viewpoint of Expected Earnings,” Financial Decisions, Summer, Article 3
  • Becker, Connie, Wayne Ferson, David Myers, and Michael Schill, 1999,”Conditional Market Timing with Benchmark Investors,” Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 52, No. 1,April, pp. 119-148
  • Cariño, David, David Myers, and William Ziemba, 1998,”Concepts, Technical Issues, and Uses of the Russell-Yasuda Kasai Financial Planning Model,” Operations Research, Vol. 46, No. 4 July-August, pp. 450-462
  • Cariño, David, Terry Kent, David Myers, Celine Stacy, Mike Sylvanus, Andrew Turner, Kouji Watanabe, William Ziemba, 1994,”The Russell-Yasuda Kasai Model: An asset/liability model for a Japanese insurance company using multistage stochastic programming”, Interfaces, January.  

Selected Presentations

  • Performance and Persistence of Social Screens, (2013) Wesleyan University
  • The Cost of Being Good, (2007) Eastern Finance Association
  • Grade Portfolios: A Lesson in Asset Allocation, (2004) Financial Education Association
  • Portfolio Management in Parallel Universes, (2004) Temple University
  • The Reaction of Asset Flows to Performance in Pension Account Returns, (2003) Northern Finance Association

Research & Teaching Interests

Myers' research and teaching interests are centered on asset pricing, mutual and pension funds, international investing, and mission related investing. He has taught Investments, Security Analysis, Real Estate, and overseen student run portfolio courses.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining the D'Amore-McKim faculty in 2016, Myers taught at Lehigh University for 16 years. His industry experience includes working for Daiwa Securities and its investment management firm in Tokyo and New York, as well as working in investment consulting in New York, Tokyo, and Seattle.

Services to the Profession

Myers has served as a discussant at numerous Financial Management Association, Eastern Finance Association, and Northern Finance Association meetings. In addition, he has been a reviewer for Journal of Empirical Finance and Journal of Accounting & Finance.

Awards & Recognition

  • Second prize in the Franz Edelman Award for the Practice of Management Science
  • Recognition of Outstanding Teaching, University of Washington 
  • Beta Gamma Sigma, New York University