• DBA Organizational Behavior, Kent State University
  • BS, Bentley College

Selected Publications

  • Bannister, B., Clark, B. (2011). Ambushing a High-Performance Organization: (pp. 193-202). Organizational Behavior Teaching Society.
  • Bannister, B. (2010). “Things that make you go hmmm”: Making OB real and personal. Proceedings of Organizational Behavior Teaching Society.

Selected Presentations

  • Bannister, Brendan (Presenter & Author), Kinnunen, Raymond (Author Only), Sieloff, Susan (Author Only), Finstad-Milion, Krista L (Presenter & Author), International Meeting of Decision Sciences Institute, “Hard Decisions to Learn From:A Journey”, DSI, Bali. (July 2013).
  • Bannister, Brendan (Presenter & Author), Finstad-Milion, Krista L (Presenter & Author), International Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, “Distance and proximity: Experential learning through Tacksaari Oy's Procurement Team”, DSI, Bali. (July 2013).
  • Bannister, Brendan (Presenter & Author), Clark, Bruce, Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, “Ambushing a High Performance Organization: A Cross-Functional, Integrative Project”, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, Milwaukee, WI. (June 10, 2011).

Research & Teaching Interests

Bannister's primary research interest is in alternative learning models, based on developing student insight and behavioral change in non-classroom environments. His international research, teaching, and consulting has focused on performance enhancement and development, feedback and communication effectiveness, absenteeism and turnover, and positive and negative consequences of technology utilization.

Industry & Academic Experience

Bannister has returned to and is currently Group Coordinator of the Human Resources Group in the D'Amore-McKim School of Business. In between, he served as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Business Programs. In addition, he currently chairs the Skills Design Group that has redesigned the Full-time MBA program to innovatively deliver a real-time, practice-based curriculum of skills enhancement and development. He has conducted research and worked with executives and government officials in domestic and international settings, implementing practice-based methodologies. Bannister has also worked as a consultant in the area of personal development at mid-management and executive levels for the Dublin City University in Ireland.

Services to the Profession

Bannister is a member of the editorial board for The Journal of Management Education. In 2003, he was director of the 3rd International Conference on Practice-Oriented Education, a conference highlighting nontraditional learning approaches.