• PhD, Marketing, Indiana University, Bloomington

Selected Publications

  • Park, C., Chang, C. A., B. Ng, and G. Young (in press) Cost-related Medication Nonadherence among Medicare Beneficiaries with Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: The Role of Comprehension of the Medicare Program and its Prescription Drug Benefits. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.
  • Lin, Y. & Chang, C. A. (2021) Influencing Consumer Responses to Highly Aesthetic Products: The Role of Mindsets. Journal of Retailing, 97 (3), 459-476.
  • Lin, Y. & Chang, C. A. (2017) Exploring Wasteful Consumption. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 49, 106-111.
  • Chang, C. A. & Lin, Y. (2015) Physical Activity and Food Consumption: The Moderating Role of Individual Dieting Tendency. Journal of Health Psychology, 20 (5), 490-499.
  • Huang, E. & Chang, C. A. (2014) Case Studies of Implementation of Interactive E-health Tools on Hospital Web Sites. E-service Journal, 9 (2), 46-61.
  • Lin, Y. & Chang, C. A. (2012) Double Standard: The Role of Environmental Consciousness in Green Product Usage. Journal of Marketing, 76 (5), 125-134
  • Lin, Y., Chang, C. A., & Lin, Y. (2012) Self-Construal and Regulatory Focus Influences on Persuasion: The Moderating Role of Perceived Risk. Journal of Business Research, 65 (8), 1152-1159.
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  • Henderson, M., Huang, S., & Chang C. A. (2012) When Others Cross Psychological Distance to Help: Highlighting Prosocial Actions toward Outgroups Encourages Philanthropy. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48 (1), 220-225.

Research & Teaching Interests

Chang's research and teaching interests include consumer behavior, marketing research, green marketing, and health marketing.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining Northeastern University, Chang held faculty positions at Simmons College, Central Michigan University, Shippensburg University, and Ramapo College.