Q:You started with a Master's in Innovation and went on to pursue your Part-Time MBA at Northeastern. Why did you choose that path?

A:  I was looking for something more in my career. When I sat down with the program directors at Northeastern, they were so kind and thoughtful, and they made me feel like I was the only one who mattered that day. They walked me through all the options and how their programs aligned with my career goals. The Master's in Innovation was a natural fit because I was interested in entrepreneurship and leading conversations about innovation.

The program was a phenomenal experience, and when I completed it, I was halfway to an MBA thanks to Northeastern's stackable credits. I will have completed two master's degrees in about three years (this August), which is impressive given I am also working full time. Northeastern's support empowered me to do that.

Q:How did the Master's in Innovation help you do your job differently?

A: The program makes you a strong communicator. My writing skills, my presentation skills, and the way I carried myself changed drastically—ask anyone who knows me. I became a more confident communicator, and I attribute that to being challenged in the classroom.

At work, I was able to take on new speaking and writing opportunities right off the bat, and soon I was promoted to a much larger role thanks to everything I learned in the program. I now lead the global Technology and Partnerships team for Publicis Media.

Q:How did your class project strengthen your skill set?

A: The project we did as a team—a proposal for wearable heart monitors—was totally outside what I do in my day-to-day work. However, it allowed me to use skills from each class I took—from creating a business plan and profit-and-loss statement to supply chain management and strategy. Now a leading medical technology company is implementing that project.

Q:What advice would you give to prospective students?

A: This program will make you think outside your personal and professional comfort zones. It will teach you concepts that are potentially outside your company's comfort zone. With that, be aware that it may take time for your organization to catch up to you! Do not be defeated if your ideas are too forward-thinking. Give it time.

The Master's in Innovation changed my career path and changed who I am as a person. It has also created a support network for me that jump-started professional opportunities in Boston. I could not speak more highly of the program.


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