Q:What are your responsibilities in your current job?

A:I am currently employed by Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co as an Investment Analyst within the Investment Analytics Group. The group I am part of is responsible for all attribution analysis, performance reporting as well as other firm wide initiatives. I work closely with the investment team on a monthly basis reviewing fund level attribution and to review commentary that is distributed to clients. I am also responsible for reconciling all of our Hedge Funds on a monthly basis with what our Administrator has as the book of record. This process includes fund level performance, accurately reflecting client level transactions as well as validating high water marks and any potential performance fees. Other tasks that I work on include regulatory reporting (Form PF & AIFMD), fund documentation review and compliance reporting.

Q:What skills did you build in the D’Amore-McKim MS in Finance program that you are applying at your current job?

A: A big part of my time at D’Amore-McKim was spent working in groups on various projects and presentations. This experience has been particularly useful in my day-to-day job as I often find myself working with numerous groups internally to accomplish the task at hand. The experience I took away from the MS in Finance program has allowed me to more effectively communicate with people in order to reach a common goal.

Q:What would you say to a colleague considering enrolling in the MS in Finance program?

A:I would tell a colleague that the MS in Finance program is certainly worth the time and investment. The program offered a good balance of academic perspective and real-world examples through guest speakers and professors who had spent time in the investment management industry. The program offered a great experience to supplement what I had already learned through my years within the industry.

Q:Why did you choose the D’Amore-McKim MS in Finance?

A:I chose the MS in Finance program, and more importantly the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, based on the reputation of Northeastern to incorporate current and past professionals into the classroom as a form of experiential learning as well as helping to create a network of contacts within the industry.

My biggest take-away is that no matter your real world experience has been, there are things that can’t always be learned in a day-to-day job. The MS in Finance program allowed me to further my understanding of finance beyond the parameters of my job and also ask the questions that helped me pursue specific interests that I have within finance.

Q:Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

A:In 5-10 years I still see myself within the institutional segment of the Investment Management industry. Specifically, I hope to be in a role that allows me to help clients better reach their goals and be a resource for them to better understand their investment needs.