Q: Why did you want to earn an MS in Finance—and why did you choose D’Amore-McKim?

A:  I’m originally from Beijing, China, and I had already earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting there. I wanted to study finance in a vibrant environment, and I knew a master’s degree from a good school in the United States would be beneficial for a lifetime. D’Amore McKim attracted me because of its great location in the financial hub of Boston and because of its focus on how financial services would evolve in the future.

Q: What are you doing now, and how did your degree help you get there?

A: I’m very excited to be working at State Street on the derivatives team while on Optional Practical Training (OPT). I’ve been able to put everything I learned in school directly into practice: the classroom lectures laid the foundation for the work I do every day, and the projects and networking opportunities at D’Amore-McKim prepared me to be a better professional and problem-solver. Also, the industry is changing rapidly because of technology, and Northeastern encouraged the creative mindset that allows me to navigate those changes and keep learning.

Q: Was it difficult to get OPT?

A: As with any job search, it took effort. I did my homework before each interview based on the skills I learned in my Career Management class, but I didn’t get an offer at first, which was frustrating. But as time went by and I did more interviews, I got more confident, and I eventually received two offers—one from State Street and one from another firm. The most important thing was to stay positive and prepared.

Q: What advice would you give fellow international students who are considering D’Amore-McKim?

A: MS in Finance from D’Amore-McKim will accelerate your career and your personal life. First of all, the Graduate Career Center is an amazing resource. The school also has great professors and advisors, a high degree of diversity, and a lot of fun stuff to do outside the classroom. The faculty and staff encourage international students to reach out and take advantage of all the opportunities the university has to offer.

Getting my MS in Finance from D’Amore-McKim has definitely propelled my career. I developed a strong foundation of financial knowledge in the program—and it helped me land exactly the job I was looking for.

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