About Genuine

Industry: Digital Marketing  
Location: Boston, MA 
Company size: 50 employees 

What They Do: Genuine is a full-service digital marketing agency devoted to unlocking limitless possibilities for its clients. Genuine has been making inspired digital at the intersection of strategy, creative and technology since 2005. 

Website: www.wearegenuine.com

Q&A with Alex Angstrom, Associate Director, Strategy at Genuine

Q. What qualities do you look for when selecting corporate resident students?

A. When selecting corporate residents, we prioritize certain qualities that are essential for success in our industry. Hard skills, such as experience in analytics reporting or data analysis, are crucial prerequisites. During her interview, she demonstrated proficiency in these areas through her previous experiences, which aligned well with our requirements. Her knowledge of programming and proficiency in multiple languages indicated a strong inclination towards continuous learning, a trait highly valued in our dynamic work environment.  

In addition to hard skills, we also pay close attention to soft skills, such as curiosity and the ability to interact comfortably with individuals at all levels. Her curiosity and ease in conversation stood out during her interview, reflecting her adaptability and suitability for our industry. Furthermore, her expressed interest in marketing and analytics, coupled with her genuine enthusiasm for learning and growth, made her a compelling candidate.   

Q. How did your corporate resident demonstrate their knowledge of analytics and ability to leverage tools and technologies?  

A. Our corporate resident demonstrated her expertise in business analytics by utilizing various tools and technologies across different projects. For example, she led monthly reporting and recommendations for a client's consumer goods digital marketing campaigns, showcasing her ability to analyze data and present findings confidently. Additionally, she quickly grasped the technical nuances of a cybersecurity project, conducting competitive research and developing best practices for website content. Despite being new to certain tools, she successfully assisted a bio-pharma client with SEO optimization, demonstrating her adaptability and analytical mindset. Overall, her proficiency in leveraging analytics tools, coupled with her leadership qualities, significantly contributed to her success across many projects. 

Q. What ​makes Northeastern Corporate residents stand out?​​

A. We can expect a certain level of technological and data analytics proficiency from graduate level students, but leadership skills aren't always present and can be more challenging to gauge accurately.  

Our corporate resident showed leadership in two key ways: she was great at leading herself and working effectively with others. Her education at D'Amore-McKim helped her develop the confidence to take initiative and achieve results on her own by independently analyzing data and delivering strong presentations. At the same time, she was a valuable team player, contributing positively to group efforts. She also mentored our undergraduate co-op, demonstrating her ability to lead both individually and collaboratively.   

Q. Can you describe any mentorship that was offered by your organization?  

A. Our organization provided our corporate resident with ongoing mentorship opportunities to support her growth and development. I personally conducted weekly tutorials to introduce her to various activities and deliverables, such as creative briefs, competitive research, and creating effective presentations. Additionally, she had weekly one-on-one sessions where she could discuss any challenges or seek guidance.   

While she demonstrated self-sufficiency in her tasks, she knew when to seek assistance and would approach us whenever necessary. We also provided her with opportunities to rehearse presentations before client meetings, ensuring she felt confident and prepared.   

Q. Would you recommend D'Amore-McKim's corporate residency program?  

A. I highly recommend the program to fellow business associates. Accessing graduate students through a corporate residency program offers an affordable and rewarding way to add talent to an organization. Our experience with our graduate student and the caliber of talent we encountered during the application process reinforces my desire to continue leveraging the graduate program in the future. 

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