About Trillium Flow Technologies

Industry: Manufacturing

Company size: 2,300 employees worldwide 

What They Do: Trillium Flow Technologies provides mission-critical valves, pumps, and aftermarket services in oil and gas, power generation, water and wastewater, and general industries.

Website: www.trilliumflow.com

Meet Sylvia Konopka, Accounting Manager at Trillium Flow Technologies

Q: How did the co-op display proficiency in data analytics and critical thinking throughout their various responsibilities within your company? 

A: We have different commission rates for reps in various countries, which can get complicated. It involves analyzing the data by checking rates and ensuring the right things are considered for commission. Managing data from two systems and three modules adds complexity, but she took it all in stride and asked the right questions. She took it further and independently confirmed data accuracy as she got the hang of it. A full-time team member who had recently left the company typically performed this complex project. We had initially envisioned that our co-op would assist with this task and thought it was too complex for her to handle independently.  However, she proved that she had the analytical skills and conscientiousness to manage this project, which was instrumental in keeping our business current and maintaining our cash flow.  

Critical thinking was also a strong suit. I'd explain a task, and she'd immediately understand what needed to be done and how to do it. Once she completed an assignment, I'd give her more responsibility, and she'd always be able to handle it. She struck the perfect balance of self-sufficiency and knowing when to seek guidance—a valuable trait in the business world. 

Q: How ​did the​​ ​D'Amore McKim graduate co-op's contributions positively impact the organization's overall success?​ 

A: Our graduate co-op's preparedness for the role profoundly impacted the organization, stemming from her education at D'Amore-McKim. She came on board during a critical time after a key team member's departure, and her educational background equipped her with the skills needed to manage essential projects that were falling behind efficiently.​​ 

​​​Her strategic mindset, analytical abilities, and dedication allowed her to get the team up to speed on projects and maintain continuity during this challenging time. This was particularly crucial as we sought to find the right new hire. ​​ 

Handling tasks easily, I began assigning her increasingly complex projects that I initially doubted were within her professional capabilities. She quickly demonstrated an ability to meet any challenge and established herself as an indispensable team member. 

Q:What qualities do you look for in selecting graduate co-op students? 

A: When evaluating co-op students, key attributes include open-mindedness, diligence, and intelligence. While the D'Amore-McKim program attracts intelligent graduate students, a robust work ethic truly sets individuals apart—an aspect not always readily apparent. Cultivating and supporting these qualities is very important, particularly in younger professionals. 

I also look for graduate co-op candidates with exceptional communication skills who can interpret data and tailor their explanations to team members across multiple disciplines. The ability to articulate data in a way that resonates with each audience, whether communicating with Marketing or Engineering teams, is extremely valuable. Our co-op excelled in this regard, which greatly contributed to her success. 

Q: How did the co-op experience at Trillium Flow Technologies align with D'Amore-McKim's emphasis on a global perspective, and what specific aspects of the co-op reflected this global perspective? 

A: She was exposed to our global organizational structure, where different divisions engage in business transactions worldwide. This involved ​being well-versed in the business ​processes for our international and American customers. This gave her firsthand experience ​in understanding business transactions ​within a global organization. 

Q: Would you recommend the D'Amore-McKim graduate co-op program to business associates from other organizations? 
A: I can't emphasize enough how impressed I was with everything she did, which is a reflection on the D'Amore-McKim education and its graduate co-op program. Her work was truly excellent. She asked insightful questions and approached every project with a positive attitude. It wasn't just about completing tasks; she genuinely wanted to learn and contribute wherever needed.  

​​She emerged as an invaluable team player who showcased remarkable versatility and adaptability. She proved her proficiency in data analysis and​ showed that she was well-rounded and able to complete tasks across a wide range of disciplines. When I assigned tasks, I emphasized the broader organizational context, which provided her with a broader understanding of the business world.​​​​​     ​ 

​​​​​When challenged, she responded, “I want to learn, I want to help.” It was a refreshing and commendable approach that significantly improved the overall positive experience. 

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