The 2017 conference theme was Impact of Home Country on Emerging Market Multinationals' (EMNEs) Internationalization. The rise of EMNEs serves as a natural experiment for probing the impact of a firm's home country on its international strategy and behavior. A distinguishing characteristic of these firms is the impact of the home country's relative underdevelopment on their competitive strategies. This conference looked for novel studies that expand theories and models of the multinational to include the role of their home countries. Moreover, because the home country tends to be more important to EMNEs than to developed-country MNEs, they are good cases to uncover the role of the home country in shaping global strategies.

Keynote Speakers

Aravind Cherukuri

VP (Asia Pacific), Ocean Spray International

Don Lessard

Epoch Foundation Professor Emeritus, MIT-Sloan

Rekha Ranganathan

VP and Global General Manager, Philips Healthcare

Journal of World Business Special Issue Workshop

Prior to the Global Strategy & Emerging Markets conference, the Center for Emerging Markets welcomed prominent researchers to the Journal of World Business Special Issue Workshop on “How Does a Multinational Company's Home Country Matter?”

The objective of the special issue was to develop a better understanding of the theoretical mechanisms that explain how the home country influences the internationalization of the firm. Featured: selected papers that go beyond previous studies and expand theories and models of the multinational by explaining how the home country affects the internationalization of the firm; including not only analyses of EMNCs, but also studies of AMNCs as well as comparisons of the behavior of EMNCs and AMNCs.