All students should have a personal laptop computer for their courses to ensure they can participate fully while utilizing software provided by Northeastern. Budget-friendly laptops can utilize Northeastern's virtual machine for SPSS and STATA software with only a browser and internet connection. Modern gaming laptops should have no problem running software.

Laptop recommendations and specifications

Minimum HardwareRecommended Hardware
Intel® Core™ i5 or equivalentIntel® Core™ i7 or equivalent
Wi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 6
Windows 10/11/MacOS 11Windows 10/11/MacOS 12/13/14
1-Year Basic Warranty3-Year Warranty with accidental damage

Discount Purchasing

Northeastern students are eligible for reduced costs on devices from our vendors. The computer options on this page have all the minimum specs required. MacBook Air and Dell Latitude are good budget-friendly options.

Available Software for students

The list below includes Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365, SPSS, Stata, and more.


Northeastern University offers 1TB of storage data in OneDrive with their student Office 365 License. You will keep this storage data after graduation.

Tech Support

In-person tech support can be found on the first floor of the Snell Library. Tech support is available 24/7 down below.

Repair & Warranty

Information Technology Services can diagnose laptops at the Snell Library. They can let you know what the steps are and options, depending on the warranty of the device. Warranty with accidental damage is highly recommended, especially for Macs.