Selected Publications

  • Crittenden, Victoria L., William F. Crittenden and Haya Ajjan. (2019). “Empowering women micro-entrepreneurs in emerging economies: The role of information communications technology.” Journal of Business Research, 98, 191-203.
  • Crittenden, Andrew B., Victoria L. Crittenden, and William F. Crittenden.(2019). “The digitalization triumvirate: How incumbents survive,” Business Horizons 62, 259-266
  • Crittenden, William F., Isabella K. Biel, and William A. Lovely III. (2019). “Embracing Digitalization: Student Learning and New Technologies,” Journal of Marketing Education. Currently online–10 pages.
  • Giglio, Joseph, John Friar, and William F. Crittenden (2018).  “Integrating life cycle asset management in the public sector,” Business Horizons, July/August, 61, 511-519
  • Crittenden, Andrew B., Victoria L. Crittenden, and William F. Crittenden (2017). “The Contagion of Trickle-Down Incompetence,” Industrial Management, September/October, pp. 10-15.
  • Crittenden, Andrew B., Victoria L. Crittenden, and William F. Crittenden (2017). “Industry Transformation via Channel Disruption,” Journal of Marketing Channels, 24(1-2), pp. 13-26.
  • Crittenden, Victoria L., William F. Crittenden, Joseph Giglio, and Andrew B. Crittenden (2017). “Surgery on the Board,” Business Horizons, 60, pp. 67-75.
  • Crittenden, Andrew B., Victoria L. Crittenden and William F. Crittenden (2016). “The Tough Job of Planning Your Liquidation: Before you walk away – whether voluntarily or by force – know your businesses’ value,” Industrial Management, 58(6), pp.15-20.
  • Ross, Casey J., William F. Crittenden, and Victoria L. Crittenden (2016). “3D Printing: Big Potential, Little Adoption,” Industrial Management. 58(4), pp. 12-16.
  • Crittenden, Victoria and William F. Crittenden (2016). “Teaching and Learning Disrupted: Isomorphic Change,” Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 10(2), pp. 112-123.

Selected Presentations

  • Crittenden, Victoria L., William F. Crittenden, and Haya Ajjan. “Using ICT to Empower Women Entrepreneurs.” 2018 Marketing Science Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Crittenden, W., “Will direct selling survive digitalization? Industry Transformation & Channel Disruption.,” The 2018 Turkish DSA conference, Turkish Direct Selling Association & Bosphorus University; Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Crittenden, Victoria L., William F. Crittenden, and Haya Ajjan. “Direct Selling in South Africa: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs,” 2018 USASBE, Los Angeles, California.  Best Empirical Paper Award, DSEF and the USASBE Minority and Women Entrepreneurship SIG, 2018
  • Peterson, R. A., Crittenden, W., Crittenden, V. L., Ross, C. S., Johns, L. K., AMS World Marketing Congress, “Creating Value for Public Entities through Marketing,” Academy of Marketing Science, Christ Church, New Zealand. June 2017.
  • Crittenden, W., 2017 Winter AMA Conference, “Art & Science of Teaching for an Engaging Educational Environment,” American Marketing Association, Orlando, FL. (February 2017).


  • PhD in Strategic Management, University of Arkansas
  • MBA in Operations Management, Auburn University
  • BA in Economics and Business, University of Michigan

Key Managerial Skills

Professor Crittenden has demonstrated experience & expertise in Leadership, Vision Setting, Strategic Thinking, Policy Development, Fiscal Management, Written and Oral Communications, Coalition Building, Diplomacy, Time Management & Fund Raising. Various media outlets have interviewed Professor Crittenden.  These include The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg-Business Week, Boston Business Journal, Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, Fox News, WGBH, & WBUR.

Research & Teaching Interests

Strategic Management, Business Strategy, Planning & Implementation, Digitalization, Decision Making, Business Fundamentals, Global Corporate Citizenship.

Industry & Academic Experience

A past advisor to various private, public, and nonprofit organizations, Professor Crittenden has worked with organizations such as BAE Systems, Boston Beer Company, Boston Management Consortium, Lotus Software (IBM), Head Start and Wal-Mart Stores. He also has worked with Funducion CANE in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior of Monterrey, Mexico. He has extensive international, executive and graduate education experience. Professor Crittenden has served in various University administrative posts, including as Senior Associate Dean & Dean of Faculty and as Dean for Graduate Business Programs. He currently serves on the advisory board of Orphans Futures Alliance (a 501 (c) 3) and as a trustee with a commercial real estate trust. He has served on the advisory board of a software start-up and as a trustee on a charitable, fraternal nonprofit.

Services to the Profession

Professor Crittenden is a member of numerous professional organizations including the Strategic Management Society (he is a founding member) and the Academy of Management. He is a former Chair of the Public & Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management. He has served in a variety of associate editor, guest editor and reviewer roles and currently serves on the Editorial Review Board for Business Horizons. He has authored or co-authored over sixty-five journal publications, a strategic planning workbook, and numerous book chapters/sections and business cases. His articles have appeared in academic outlets including Strategic Management Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and practitioner outlets such as Business Horizons, Industrial Management, and Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management.

Awards & Recognition

  • Selected as 2016 Direct Selling Education Foundation fellow
  • Voted one of Favorite Professors at Northeastern by Senior Class of 2014, Cauldron Yearbook
  • Top 20 percent rank in articles published and in citations among world-wide management scholars (study conducted at Erasmus University June 2010)
  • Winner, Beta Gamma Sigma Teacher of the Year, 2002
  • Finalist, Beta Gamma Sigma Teacher of the Year, 2001
  • Public & Nonprofit Division, Academy of Management Division Chair, 1994-95