• PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Selected Publications

  • S. Erbis, S. Kamarthi, T. Cullinane, J.A. Isaacs, Multistage Stochastic Programming Model (MSP) for Carbon Nanotube Production Capacity Expansion Planning, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 2(7), 2014, 1633-1641
  • A. Topcu, J. Benneyan, T. Cullinane, A Simulation Optimization Approach for Reconfigurable Inventory Space Planning in Remanufacturing Facilities, International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modeling, 5(1), 2013, 86-114
  • T. Cullinane, T. Marion, J.H. Friar, A Multi-disciplinary New Product Development Course for Technological Entrepreneurs, Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 13, 2012, 71-89

Research & Teaching Interests

Cullinane's research interests include analysis and design of efficient facilities focusing on inventory space control, materials handling and staffing levels.

Awards & Recognition

  • Fellow, Institute of Industrial Engineers