• PhD Business Administration, University of California-Berkeley
  • Diploma in Management, Plekhanov Institute of the National Economy, Russia
  • MBA, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • BA Slavic Studies, University of Ottawa

Selected Publications

  • Puffer, Sheila M., Zadeh, Adel A., Peng, Yunxin, and Garvey, Myles D. Awareness of the global sand crisis and sand substitutes in the construction industry in the United States and Canada: A stakeholder analysis. Under review.
  • McCarthy, Daniel J., and Puffer, Sheila M. 2022. The co-evolution of informal networks, institutions, and corruption in Russia: From an economy of favors to an economy of greed. European Journal of International Management.
  • Puffer, Sheila M., Wesley, David, Dau, Luis Alfonso, and Moore, Elizabeth M. 2021. The 4 Cs of MNE strategic responses to global governance. In Joyce Osland, Mark Mendenhall, B. Sebastien Reiche, and Betina Szkudlarek (eds.), Advances in Global Leadership, Vol 13. Bingley, UK: Emerald, pp. 85-104.
  • Puffer, Sheila M., and McCarthy, Daniel J. 2020. Economic growth, institutions, and corruption in emerging economies. In Darek Klonowski (ed.), Entrepreneurial Finance in Emerging Markets: Exploring Tools, Techniques, and Innovative Technologies. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 29-42.
  • Puffer, Sheila M., Wesley, David, Dau, Luis Alfonso, and Moore, Elizabeth M. 2020. Responsible global leadership in downstream and upstream supply chains: A typology of archetypes of strategic responses to CSR pressures. In Milda Zilinskaite, Mark E. Mendenhall, Günter K. Stahl, and Rachel Clapp-Smith (eds.), Responsible Global Leadership: Dilemmas, Paradoxes, and Opportunities. Advances in Global Leadership, Vol. 12. New York: Routledge, pp. 80-100.
  • Berger, Ron, Herstein, Ram, McCarthy, Daniel J., and Puffer, Sheila M. 2019. Doing favors in the Arab world. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 14(5), 916-943. Recipient of 2020 Emerald Publishing Literati Excellence Award.
  • McCarthy, Daniel J., Puffer, Sheila M., and Satinsky, Daniel M. 2019. Does Russia have a role in the evolving global economy? Cross Cultural and Strategic Management, 26(2), 265-289.
  • Wesley, David, and Puffer, Sheila M. 2018. The end of sand: Confronting one of the greatest environmental challenges of the new millennium. In Gülşah Koç and Bryan Christiansen (eds.), Reusable and Sustainable Materials in Modern Architecture, Hershey, PA: IGI Global Press, pp. 1-27. Selected by the editors as the lead chapter in the volume.
  • Puffer, Sheila M., McCarthy, Daniel J., and Satinsky, Daniel M. 2018. Hammer & Silicon: The Soviet Diaspora in the US Innovation Economy – Immigration, Innovation, Institutions, Imprinting, and Identity. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 411 pp. Recipient of the Responsible Research in Management Award in August 2019 presented at the Academy of Management Meetings.
  • Puffer, Sheila M., McCarthy, Daniel J., and Naumov, Alexander I. 2000. The Russian Capitalist Experiment: From State-owned Organizations to Entrepreneurships. Cheltenham, UK, and Northampton, US: Edward Elgar, 296 pp.

Selected Presentations

  • Awareness of the global sand crisis and sand substitutes in the construction industry in the United States and Canada: A stakeholder analysis. Academy of International Business annual meetings, Miami, Florida, July 3-10, 2022 (With A.A. Zadeh, Y., Peng, and M.D. Garvey).
  • Sustainability strategies of multinational energy companies: A comparative analysis. Energy and Climate Transformations: 3rd International Conference on Energy Research & Social Science, Manchester, UK, June 20-23, 2022 (with D. Desai, Y. Si, D. Bozhilova, and J. Stephens).
  • Cultural adjustment and social support as key determinants of international student satisfaction – A comparative study of six countries in Europe and the USA. EURAM conference, ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur, Switzerland, June 15-17, 2022 (with W. Lu, K. Tamayo, A.M. Soderberg, and S. Meschke)
  • Lives and livelihood—How will economic sanctions on Russia affect war in Ukraine and commerce in the world? A roundtable discussion on crisis in Ukraine, China Business Studies Initiative, University of San Francisco, online, March 7, 2022. Opening speaker.
  • MNE strategic responses to global governance: International construction industry trends. European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, University of Valletta, Malta, November 2021 (with D. Wesley, A. Roth, and J. Cordero)
  • A cross-national study of international students' experiences. Academy of Management International Meetings, virtual conference, August 2021. (with J. Du, R. Wang, M. Wilczewski, T. Mughan, and M. Vigier).
  • Language and communication challenges and coping responses in international student pre- and post-pandemic experience. A qualitative cross-national study, European Academy of Management (EURAM) virtual conference, June 2021. (with M. Wilczewski, M. Vigier, H. Langelois, W. Lu, and T. Mughan).
  • The 4 Cs of MNE strategic responses to global governance. University of Texas, Dallas, Ann & Jack Graves Foundation Conference on Sustainability as a Solution to Global Business Challenges, online, April 15-16, 2021. (With D. Wesley, L. Dau, and E. Moore).

Research & Teaching Interests

Dr. Puffer's research and teaching focus on international business and sustainability. Her publications on Russia, the former Soviet Union, and other emerging markets have addressed many topics including leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship, corporate governance, informal networks, ethics, and migration. Her work on sustainability focuses on the global sand crisis and the international construction and mining sectors. She also publishes on international students, and in 2021 she designed and hosted The International Student Experience conference, a hybrid event that included participants from the entire Northeastern global campus network.

Industry & Academic Experience

Dr. Puffer is an Associate at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University. She has served as program director of the Gorbachev Foundation of North America at Northeastern. She is active with a number of sustainability organizations.

Services to the Profession

Dr. Puffer has been the editor of The Academy of Management Executive and a member of the Academy's Board of Governors (1999-2002). She serves on several editorial boards, and has been a keynote speaker at numerous international conferences.

Awards & Recognition

  • University Distinguished Professor, 2011- present (the highest rank awarded to faculty, for having achieved international recognition and distinction for contributions to education and research that cross disciplinary boundaries).
  • Visiting Scholar, Northeastern University's New College of the Humanities campus, London, UK (2021-2022).
  • Visiting Scholar, Stanford Graduate School of Business (January-September 2015).
  • Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Stockholm School of Economics and University of Calgary. (April 2009).
  • Walsh Research Professor, Northeastern University (2008-2010).
  • Klein Lecturer, Northeastern University. Selected by a university-wide committee to present the annual research lecture (2003).