• PhD, Behavioral Finance, Anglia Ruskin Cambridge UK
  • MA, Finance and Investment, University of Nottingham UK
  • BA, Finance and International Business, Northeastern University

Selected Publications

  • Thair Al Shaher, Razan Salem, and Ohoud Kasawneh. (2012). Predicting corporate failure in Emerging Market. Archives Des Sciences. 65 (10), p34-43.
  • Ohoud Kasawneh, Razan Salem, and Thair Al Shaher. (2012). Day of the week effect on Amman Stock Exchange (2008- 2010).  Archives Des Sciences. 65 (5), p38-48.
  • Razan Salem, Thair Al Shaher, and Ohoud Kasawneh. (2011). International Portfolio Diversification Benefits for Middle Eastern. Journal of Money, Investment and Banking. 22, p22-31.
  • Thair Al Shaher, Ohoud Kasawneh, and Razan Salem. (2011). The major factors that affect banks' performance in Middle Eastern countries. Journal of Money, Investment and Banking. 20,p101-109.
  • Ohoud Kasawneh, Razan Salem, and Thair Al Shaher. (2010). Unofficial Dollarization (evidence from Jordan (1988-2007), International Research Journal of Finance and Economics. 58 (1), p7-13.

Selected Presentations

  • Salem, Razan. (April, 2018). Gender Differences in Investment Behavior in Arab Stock Markets. Abstract presented at British Accounting & Finance Association (BAFA), London, UK.
  • Salem, Razan. (April, 2017). Are all women risk averse investors? Paper presented at the Joint Conference of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance and the Academy of Behavioral Finance, Germany.
  • Salem, Razan. (April, 2017). Why women are more risk averse than men investors? Paper presented at the British Accounting & Finance Association (BAFA), Scotland, UK.
  • Salem, Razan. (September, 2016). Home bias and young individual investors. Paper presented at the 8th Academy of Behavioral Finance, Nevada University, Las Vegas.

Research & Teaching Interests

Part-time lecturer in Behavioral Finance and Investment and research interests fall in the area of Behavioral Finance (particularly in the area of gender differences in investment behavior, International Finance, and Portfolio construction under the roles of Behavioral Finance Theory. Additionally, examining the impact of women and young investors on stock market volatility.

Industry & Academic Experience

Prior to joining the finance faculty in 2017, Salem has ten years of diverse professional and academic experience in various fields of finance (mainly in investment, corporate finance, behavioral finance). She worked as a chief financial analyst in investment companies/banks. Currently, she is working as a freelance financial/investment consultant.

Services to the Profession

Razan is an active member of the British Accounting & Finance Association (BAFA), Finance Association in the Middle East, and the Financial Consultant group in Jordan.

Awards & Recognition

Recognition Award, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan. Obtained for major contribution done in the finance group to achieve the highest score in the competency test, which was done among all public and private Jordanian universities in the first semester of 2013.