Rakesh Pandey is a globally oriented researcher and business executive currently focused on consulting to academia and social enterprises. Rakesh was at Bose Corporation for over 28 years and his work there spanned research, product development, business start-up, sales and marketing. From his early years at Bose creating software programs or designing loudspeakers to his later work on analysis of acoustic flows, Rakesh worked on or directed projects in simulation technologies across broad physical domains. Rakesh was known for his leadership particularly in harnessing the natural motivation of researchers and bringing efficiency and high performance to research teams. Rakesh was also a serial entrepreneur at Bose. He launched and ran Bose’s subsidiary in India, started Bose Technology Center in India and created and directed the Center for University and Industry Research. Rakesh has extensive experience with US-India collaborations. In business, his model for Bose’s operations in India was innovative and has been highly successful. In the education space, he is a key contributor to Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur’s (IITK) strategy and vision for the future. In the Social Enterprise area, Rakesh currently is mentoring several social entrepreneurs. Rakesh’s focus is on successful deployment of technology and business ideas that will improve lives and livelihoods of disadvantaged people. Rakesh is currently the President of IITK Alumni Association. He is co-chair of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Boston’s Charter Member Committee and a co-founder of TiE’s Social Entrepreneurship Group. Rakesh is on the board of advisors of two start-ups. Rakesh has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology and a Master’s from Penn State.