• BS Engineering, Applied and Engineering Physics; Cornell University
  • MBA, Harvard Business School

Research & Teaching Interests

Matt Rubins is focused on developing the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset in young professionals. He aims to leverage his many years of real-world entrepreneurship and investment experience into an exciting and dynamic classroom experience for his students.

Industry & Academic Experience

Matt Rubins began his professional career in 1990 and spent five years on Wall Street as an investment banker. He became a venture capitalist in 1997, joining M/C Venture Partners, a $1.3 billion VC/PE firm focused on telecommunications, media, and related-technology, leading the technology practice and serving as a General Partner until 2010. In 2011, he became an education entrepreneur by joining Fullbridge, a leader in competency-based business skills development, and later Six Red Marbles, the largest U.S.-based developer of custom education content. He is currently an active angel investor and a Venture Partner at LearnLaunch, Boston's ed tech incubator.